Please to Explain my Absence...

Warning: personal blog post ahead!

It has been a long time (an eternity it seems) since I did a blog post, and it's not that my beloved Bollywood has left my life, far from it, but some time ago my oldest son gave me a wake up call that I have been trying to answer and it has taken me away from my laptop more that I realized it would.

I've never been, shall we say, thin, but I never realized how much I had let myself go. After two kids and 11 years of marriage (the last 4 being much more harder than I ever thought marriage would be), I found myself sitting at the dinner table one night commenting on my reflection in our living room window. Just another regular night at supper until my then 5 year old son told me the reason my reflection looked so bad was because I was fat. Now, one should most likely take what a 5 year old says with a grain of salt, but that night I realized that he was right, and after a good cry in the bathroom, I decided that I was never going to hear those words come out of his mouth ever again, and thus began my weight loss journey. That was a year ago.

I was pretty successful watching my diet (thanks to a great calorie counting app on my itouch), and was working out at home most days of the week while all the children slept in the afternoon. I think I lost about 30 lbs. Then my youngest stopped napping and I lost my free afternoon time (so I thought). I also thought I learned how to eat right so I stopped using my calorie app. And the weight stopped coming off. I don't think I lost a single pound in 4 months. So, after my gallstone surgery this summer (which, lets face it, probably occurred because I was overweight), I decided to get really serious and joined an outdoor bootcamp as soon as I could after my surgery. Who knew climbing hills in -25 winter weather would be so beneficial? I found and started using a new iphone app (called my fitness pal), which, if anyone is struggling trying to figure out how, what and how much to eat, you should definitely check it out... it's much more than just another weight loss website), and I started working out again at home with my sister 5 days a week. I'm happy to say that I have achieved 50% of my weight loss (and for those that are really curious, you can check out some very embarrassing before pics and one simple today pic at the mfp website here - scroll half way down, I had trouble figuring out how to load my pics).

Anyway, there you have it. While I still have time to watch some movies, and do my morning and evening facebook stuff, I haven't had time to blog and I've been away from twitter far more than I would have liked to. But I have not disappeared (well, in mind anyway), and I am hoping to be a little more consistent with some movie posts in the future.

Thanks all for not abandoning me!!!