Top 5 Thursday: Best Kisses!

Well, today is St. Patrick's Day, a holiday I've celebrated every single year since I was in college *cough* 16ish years ago. What does this annual celebration mean to me? Well, it used to (and still does) mean a day to let your hair down and indulge in some very green barley, but St. Patrick's day is also synonymous with kissing (I MUST find my "kiss me I'm Irish" button). So, in honor of St. Patrick, I present my top 5 favorite tv and movie kisses. There are multitudes of lip locks floating around there on film (check out AMC's awesome Best and Most Memorable Film Kisses of All Time in Cinematic History), but to me what makes the best kisses are ones that you are emotionally invested in. The kisses I chose to make my list all left a lasting impression on me. They made me either gasp with delight, cry buckets whether happy or sad tears, clap with enthusiasm or get all hot and bothered. So, without further ado, here are my top 5 kisses, television or movie, of all time!

#5 Belle & the Beast - Beauty and the Beast
This movie made my top 5 love stories of all time post so it's not surprising that it falls into this list as well. The classic tale of girl falling in love with a hairy man! When the beast is fallen by the abrasively arrogant Gaston, Belle rushes to his side and proclaims her love her him. Shooting lights splash down from the heavens and he is transformed into the handsome prince he once was. Once Belle realizes that this human is indeed the beast that she had come to love, they passionately embrace surrounded by whirling magical residue in what firmly lands in at #5 on my kiss list! Way to go beast! True love wins in this wonderful fairy tale!!!

Yowzers, Disney, that's some smoking animated action right there!

#4 Raja & Aarti - Raja Hindustani
I had never seen this film prior to thinking of doing this post, but I knew the kiss scene was somewhat infamous. And, after queuing it up on youtube and watching it (look for a review to come very soon), I have to agree that the fuss is totally worth it. That Raja falls in love with Aarti at first sight isn't up for debate, so when the perfect moment arrives (in the rain no less! Hello, this is Bollywood after all!) it is just about the sweetest, most innocent kiss I have ever seen and is so telling of their true feelings for each other. I can imagine, that when this film came out in 1996 that this scene caused quite a stir, and while kissing in Hindi film is becoming more prominent (read: Emran Hashmi), I certainly don't think it was back then. I can just hear the gasps coming from the men in the audience and the sighs from the women as they grasp their love ones arms from all the welling emotion. Okay, well, maybe that would have just been me!

#3 Jim & Pam - The Office
One of my favorite tv couples of all-time, I remember watching season 2's finale, Casino Night, and nearly falling off the couch when this kiss happened. First Jim tells Pam that he's in love with her, she pretends to herself that all the time they've spent hanging out in and out of the office has been nothing more than friendship (silly silly girl!) and rebuffs his statement of amore! However, Jim is no quitter and he decides to find out if Pam's actions speak louder than her words and when he surprises her alone in the dark deserted office, theirs is a kiss that speak volumes!!! I was SO HAPPY after I witnessed this moment of true affection that I spent the next, oh, probably 2 weeks or so, reliving it via youtube! While Jim and Pam have currently reverted into the kind of boring married role that I know oh so well, their relationship certainly started off with a big GIANT BANG!

#2 Krishna & Babban - Ishqiya
I think when I watched this scene from one of my favorite films of last year, the smoke alarm went off in my house! The raw sexual nature of this kiss between house favorites Arshad Warsi and Vidya Balan is off the charts! It's no secret that I find Arshad the complete package, but this kiss! This kiss made me want to take a hot shower followed by a cold shower followed by a cigarette! *fans self* Anyway, for Bollywood, I'm pretty sure it was pushing the boundaries (up there with Murder, so I've heard), so I applaud this film for continuing the trend. Thank you VERY much!

#1 Kurt & Blaine - Glee
I am a total Gleek, I admit it. What I really love about this show, aside from the music (I was a vocal major in college after all), is that it has produced characters that you just fall in love with. Even the ones that I don't really want to like, I end up still having a soft spot for them. This season, imparticular, has given us really fantastic story lines, and when they really started exploring Kurt's sexuality and the consequences of it, I was thrilled that someone was putting a face to the bullying that goes on in school these days. I adore Kurt (played by the equally adorable and fantastic Chris Colfer), and was saddened when he had to leave his school for Dalton. But there is always a silver lining, isn't there. In Dalton he found a place where no one was judging him, and best of all, he found a kindred spirit in Blaine (played by super cute Darren Criss). As all good tv shows do, Kurt and Blaine started playing out the typical will they or won't they scenario, only it's not often you see same sex couples on tv played so realistically. So, when Originals aired last week, they answered the question loud and clear! My heart soared, I clapped so loud that hubz told me to keep it down, I had to wipe the tears away from my eyes several times, and I loved that kiss so much I watched the show 3 more times the next day! I applaud the creators of Glee and Chris and Darren for putting this on primetime tv and hope that one day we will all be able to celebrate such moments without prejudice.

So, once again, Happy St. Patrick's Day. I wish for you all love, prosperity and a long happy life this fine day!

9 Response to "Top 5 Thursday: Best Kisses!"

  1. Anonymous Says:
    March 17, 2011 at 6:03 PM

    Oh the Band Baaja Baraat kiss was quite the fun thing as well :)

  2. Shell says:
    March 17, 2011 at 8:06 PM

    I haven't seen it yet, and Im am DYING to! Hopefully picking it up this weekend!

  3. rhilex says:
    March 17, 2011 at 9:35 PM

    #5 and #1? I love you. I really, really do. My favourite Disney movie (and one of my fav movies ever) and my favourite TV show and pairing, PERIOD.

    You were a vocal major? =O Do you still sing? CAN IZ HEAR U, PLZ?

    (also, the Klaine kiss looks SO WEIRD flipped!)

  4. Anishok says:
    March 18, 2011 at 3:50 AM

    Great kisses! And that Klaine kiss is so sweet...I've stopped being a Gleek, so didn't know they were already kissing! :D

  5. Shell says:
    March 18, 2011 at 7:52 AM

    @rhilex - Well, my sister from another mother, we have great taste! I'm still dying over the Klaine kiss!

    I don't sing much anymore - just for my own pleasure. Decided to get married and have a family instead. Ugh.

    @anishok - you're not watching anymore!?! WHAT!? Well, it just happened last week's episode. Jump back on board - even if it's just for Darren!

  6. Lime(tte) says:
    March 18, 2011 at 10:06 AM

    Haven't seen Beauty and the Beast for a long time, thanks for reminding me of its disneymagical kiss!
    Funny thing I just ordered Raja Hindustani... Ishqiya was surely pushing boundaries, but I think it was just something we knew would come some time. Ahm, Murder... came near, yes.
    And I don't watch Glee, I'm always slow with series, cause I'm already addicted to a few and need to catch up with How I Met Your Mother, first. Very, very cute kiss, though.

  7. Shell says:
    March 18, 2011 at 10:18 AM

    First off, I just noticed your blogger pic! LOVE IT!!!

    You will really like Raja Hindustani i think. There were a couple wtf moments in it, but generally it was really good and Aamir was just oh so heartbreaking in it!

    I only follow a small handful of shows (HIMYM is one that I like but don't seem to catch all of them).

    Ah, I'm so in love with romance!

  8. Bombay Talkies says:
    March 21, 2011 at 1:13 AM

    I had to watch the Raja Hindustani clip on mute...I love me some Aamir and that was a great moment in the film but I simply can't tolerate the overly done voice dubbing. Karishma's high pitched 'giggle giggle ah ha ha ha' drives me insane!

  9. Shell says:
    March 21, 2011 at 8:05 AM

    LOL! I know exactly what you mean! Glad you enjoyed the silent clip!