Hooray for long weekends!

I officially finished my 16th and last Hindi lesson yesterday. Though I feel like I've learned quite a bit, it's nowhere near the level of fluency that I am trying to achieve. I'm going to save up some bucks and get the complete program. After 100 lessons I should be able to turn those subtitles off na?

I'm going to try and take in Mr. Bachchan's 'Lawaaris' this afternoon provided my husband comes home with our new pvr. *crossing fingers*. I see a whole new life of B4U viewing opening up! Shashi Kapoor here I come.

The Good, the bad and the downright ugly:

I loved Om Shanti Om and this was a comedy highlight for sure. 'Yana Rascala' indeed!

Say it isn't so!!! With only 'My Name is Khan' on his movie roster this year, I nearly started to cry upon hearing this news.

There really is no end to the drama in Bollywood today. Can't we all just make movies and get along?

My weekend pic in which I pretend to be someone other than myself:

And on that note, mein kuch doopahare ka khanna khanna chaahiye. Have a great weekend!

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