Tuesday tidbits

Ah, there's nothing like spending your morning searching the Internet for all sorts of fascinating Bollywood tidbits while you should be working (or something that vaguely resembles work). Thank God I've no one to report to except myself!

I was devastated upon reading that 'My Name is Khan' would be postponed for release until next year. That was until I read this. I'm practicing my help scream as we speak!

Filmi Girl had a post a while back on which Hollywood starlets we'd like to see in a Bollywood production. I immediately thought of my favorite actress Kate Winslet, and was absolutely thrilled to find this story. What an amazing film this would be, and what an amazing pair of actors. I'm sure it will be absolutely brilliant!

Hindi sentence of the day: dhyaan se meri baat sunneke liye aap kaa shukriaa ada karta hoon
(Thank your for your attention)

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