I think a trip to San Fransisco is in order!

I am hooked. I admit it, I am fastly becoming a computer junkie. I tried before and got bored, but all of a sudden, with the introduction of facebook, twitter and the like, I can't seem to get enough.

Anyway, according to SRK's twitter, he will be in San Fransisco the end of May to shoot more My Name is Khan for 40 days. Now that is certainly attainable, isn't it!? Though India beckons me as soon as I turn on my computer (anyone else get the giant ad for 'visit India' or was it just me?), I don't forsee a plane ticket in my immediate future. Therefore, $400 to San Fran sounds pretty sweet! I'm totally sure that once I get there I'd have no problem locating him and my magical dreamland would, at once, become reality. No? Well, maybe I'd just better settle for another viewing of Kuch Kuch Hota Hai.

I am gearing up for the weekend, sans husband, and am looking forward to finishing Jaane Tu...Ya Janne Na, getting my review on Dostana up, martinis and a Twilight introduction with my girl. Maybe I'll manage to get some scrapbooking in there too. The possibilites are endless

And to get you through the weekend....
Random pic of the day

Oooooh, those eyes. I could just drown in them.

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